Assisted Living

""Intellicare supplies Hillcrest H.A. with bespoke solutions to Community Care dwellings. Typically the clients will need 24 hour close-care with various monitors to alert carers to potential risks. Graeme Keillor, Project Manager stated 'Intellicare has provided Hillcrest Housing Association with cost-effective and innovative solutions. This has helped provide a safe environment for both staff and clients'. ""
-Hillcrest Housing Association

""Intellicare supplied combined Assistive Technology and Staff Attack system in Dundee. System was tailored to the client's requirements and can be enhanced as required. On-going maintenance ensures continued safe environment for the residents. ""
-Angus Housing Association

Nurse Call & Staff Attack

""Intellicare Systems installed a combined Nurse Call and Staff Attack system in the hospital for Richard Irvin Electrical. Site Supervisor Ged Forrester said that 'Intellicare Systems managed the project smoothly from concept to completion. They ensured all was kept on track'. The system is now maintained for Morrison F.M. by Intellicare Systems. ""
-St Andrews Community Hospital

""Intellicare Systems provide maintenance cover for the Nurse Call and Staff Attack systems within the hospital. Faults are at a very low occurrence, which is imperative for staff safety. ""
-Galloway Community Hospital

Paging Systems

""We were having difficulties with paging. Intellicare solved transmission problems and added telephone interface. This helped enhance staff usage and saved time on messages. ""
-Spire Shawfair

""Intellicare upgraded obsolete Nurse Call systems. During the upgrade a telephone message service was added along with an alphanumeric reception paging consul. This meant that the reception efficiency was greatly improved. Mother Superior said The reception now is free to answer in-coming calls instead of internal calls, things are much more efficient. ""
-LSOP Care Homes